Simple Beauty Tips For Teens

Teenagers are hard enough without having to add on a lot of makeup. Teen years can be difficult. It is hard to be yourself and be accepted while still being part of the group. It is not possible for everyone to be the latest model you see in magazines and on the big screen. You can’t get help from makeup artists and you have to figure it all out.

These are some simple makeup tips for teens that will help you determine what works for you. You will want to highlight certain parts of your face, like your eyes. There are also other parts that you want to tone down. Find your most appealing feature and make use of it!

What to avoid:

1Wearing too many foundation. This is a common mistake made by women of all ages. It is important not to cover everything up to the point that you appear like you are wearing an over-the-top mask. The next is using the wrong color foundation. Exercising too much foundation can cause breakouts.

2 Using too much eyeshadow. There are times and places for eye shadows. However, school is not the right place. Too much eyeshadow can make your eyes look older, and that is not a good thing. Party time is the best time to play with eyeshadows, glitters and other glittery looks!

3Using too much blush. It’s a common sight to see someone who looks like they have dripped too much blush on their cheekbones. Blush is not meant to make your face look clownish. It’s meant to bring out your eyes and give you a glow.

4 Applying thick eyeliner. What does eyeliner do? Eyeliner is applied to the base of your eyelashes in order to thicken them. Eyeliner is not meant to be worn as if you are just stepping out of the 50s. The biggest mistake when using eyeliner is to apply it like a thick line across your eyes. You shouldn’t use eyeliner in the water line of your lower lashes.

What should I do?

1~ Foundation. There are many types of foundation: liquid, stick creams, creams, tinted moisturizers, and minerals. You can test out different foundations at your local department store to discover which one works best for you. You shouldn’t buy a color just because it looks nice on the packaging. Try to obtain samples of different foundation colors and test them on your chin, not your back. It doesn’t matter if the foundation looks great on your hand, but it might not look good on you. A light hand is better when applying foundation. Mineral based foundation is one of the newest types. Mineral-based foundations are powdered and best applied using a kabukibrush. You can layer it and choose the right color. You can also mix colors with mineral-based foundations to create the perfect look. Online sellers often offer samples for a low price and will gladly help you choose the right shade.

2 Selecting the right blush shade. For those with pale skin, shades of pink work best. Shades darker pinks and lighter bronzes are best for those with medium skin tones. Shades of berries and plums will counteract yellow skin. For ethical skin tones, choose shades of pink that are closer to brown. Blush is meant to give your skin a healthy glow.

3 Selecting the best eyeshadow for you. It can be difficult to choose the right color for you when there are so many options. When trying out new eye shadows, make sure to match your skin tone and eyes. For daytime, neutrals and brown shades are the best. To keep your eyeshadow in place, use an eye shadow primer. You don’t want to be reapplying eyeshadow when you could be texting the cute guy you met at lunchtime. It is best to test out eye shadows in your own home before you decide which one works the best. It’s better to make mistakes at home, where no one will see you, than to be embarrassed every day. Look through all the magazines to see if there is a girl with your skin color and style.

These are just some beauty tips for teens. Once you’ve found what works best for you, you can make it your own style so others don’t copy your work.


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