Face Forward Careers in Fashion

Fashion designers have many options when it comes to career choices. Learn all about the hottest careers in fashion, from celebrity stylist to fashion designer.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are responsible for creating new clothes and accessories. Their other tasks include analysis of fashion trends, marketing, sales and production of clothes and accessories. They may also be responsible for promoting their products. A degree in fashion design, fashion merchandising or fashion design can be obtained through a two- or four-year program. Most designers begin as interns. They move up the ranks from design assistant to assistant designer to designer to designer to designer director.

Fashion Merchandising

Fashion merchandisers design and implement displays for catalogs and stores. They also design the layout of departmental stores, fashion showrooms, and trade shows. They must have an artistic flair and a good understanding of the consumer market. Fashion merchandisers usually have a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising or visual. They often start their careers as assistants and then work their way up to become visual merchandising directors.

Fashion stylists

A fashion stylist is often seen as the person behind celebrities’ looks. Although this is partly true, stylists can also help with photo shoots, commercials and print ads. They also select wardrobe for television, film, music videos, and commercials. Many stylists also provide fashion advice to the average person. Magazines, newspapers, retailers and television and film production companies can all hire stylists. Fashion stylists must be self-motivated and work hard to reach the top. An internship is often the best way to get started. Although stylists often have a degree or certificate in fashion design, it is not necessary to work in this field. Stylists are dependent on their network for success. They must maintain and build new relationships.

You can start your education in fashion merchandising, or fashion design, if you’re not sure what career path to take in the fashion industry. Once you have made your decision, either of these degrees can lead to any of the mentioned career paths.


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