Beauty Tips for Pregnant Women

It has been a wonderful miracle to be pregnant. It’s now considered sexy. Vanity Fair’s 1991 cover featured Demi Moore’s naked, pregnant body. It was a statement that a woman can be beautiful and pregnant.

Don’t be afraid to not show off your body. These ten beauty tips will make you feel and look great while pregnant.

1. Your legs are your best asset. Summer is the best time to wear shorts and sundresses. Winter fashion is a mini skirt and tights with flat shoes.

2. A pair of black velvet pants with a top and stretch-waist pants is a great choice for a romantic evening. You can show off your new, voluptuous cleavage by wearing a nice v neck.

3. Find a shirt in your man’s wardrobe. For a feminine touch, roll up the sleeves and add some jewelry. Or you can leave it as is. Menswear is perfect for pregnancy, as it’s long and loose.

4. Get a new bra. Your old bra size may not work anymore when you’re pregnant. You can gain up to five lbs in your breasts. A bra with wide, not too narrow straps is ideal for most women. This is important to avoid sagging and will also make your clothes look more attractive.

5. Highlight your hair with highlights. It is not recommended to dye or bleach your hair while pregnant. Your scalp absorbs some chemicals. It can also be detected in the urine. Highlights are safe because they are applied one-half inch to your scalp. This prevents chemicals from getting into your bloodstream.

6. Cocoa butter is a great moisturizer that will keep your skin soft and supple. It is safe to use a natural moisturizer on your breasts and stomach. This will help reduce, or even eliminate, stretch marks. It is equally important to maintain a gradual, steady weight gain so that your skin doesn’t stretch too quickly.

7. You don’t have to look bigger than you actually are with these old-fashioned tent tops. Stretchy tops and empire waists make it fashionable to show off your baby’s belly. It’s sexy to be pregnant!

8. Buy a pair of beautiful ballerina flats. They’re very popular in France and Hollywood with both pregnant and non-pregnant ladies. A good pair of shoes should provide arch support and be made from a breathable material such as leather or canvas. You should also consider shoes with a wide, low heel (between one and one-and-a half inches and two-and-a-half inches). You may need a shoe that is larger or smaller if you are pregnant. Make sure to try the shoes on before buying.

9. Monochrome (all one color) and clothing with vertical lines create the illusion of length. This is flattering for all body types.

10. Get a new, chic handbag. You will look trendy and it won’t get outgrown.

Finally, everyone looks better when they are well rested. Get enough sleep, exercise, eat right, and eat well. You don’t have time to indulge in unhealthy junk food that makes you feel tired and does not do any good for your baby. There are also beauty benefits to being pregnant.


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